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Adventure4Sewa is a programme that is operated by Sewa International SA, under this programme we organise & Host Physical Indoor/Outdoor Events. These Events are Planned & Organised by our dedicated Team of Volunteers. The Events gives us the opportunity to:

  • Deliver a Challenging, Fun & Unique Experience for the Public.
  • Help Create Awareness for our Organisation and its Activities.
  • Help Raise Funds for our Sewa Humanitarian Projects.

Our Events are Open to All members of the public and the organising of the events are done by volunteers of Sewa International SA and the Adventure4Sewa Team. Our Events allow participants to undertake a demanding personal challenge both Physically & Mentally, whilst raising funds for a Humanitarian cause.

Join us for Our next Adventure:

The Hike For Humanity
3 Night, 4 Day Hike
Pondo Wild Coast, KZN
Friday 22nd September-Monday 25th September