The Sponsor A Child project provides Student Supplementary Funding that assists school-going Children in South Africa who come from Low/ No Income homes. The project supports financially challenged students to secure their basic Scholastic essentials in effort to keep them in school and mitigate the risk of learners dropping out.

Research reveals that in 2010, 1.1 million pupils in South Africa enrolled for grade 1. Of these 1.1 million first school entries, only 755 981 enrolled for their National Senior Certificate in 2022. Education has issues such as infrastructure, access, continuity, learning gaps, Lack of schools/teachers and so on. School Dropouts are a result of these issues.

The Sponsor A Child project is meant for school students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 who are unable to bear the cost of education due to personal/family crisis or any other financial problems and are at a risk of dropping out of school. Sponsor a Child provides financial assistance to the underprivileged students to complete their school education. Students can register and apply for financial assistance. Philanthropists, donors and the dedicated Sewa International SA Team select the children to be supported.

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